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Motor Transport

Motor Transport, Commercial Motor, Truck & Driver and Trucking are some of the most popular and well recommended journals for the haulage Industry. They keep industry informed and up to date on all the key issues. Keep up to date with industry news issues that effect you.

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Driving Standards Agency (DSA)

HGV theory tests can only be booked through the DSA. You can book your LGV theory test in a number of different ways. For those needing to pass all 3 (multi-choice, hazard perception and Module 2). If you don’t need Driver CPC then you only need pass 2 (multi-choice and hazard perception.) LGV theory tests can be booked online or by phone. Booking online is very quick and straightforward, however by phoning the DSA on 0300 200 1122 you can arrange to take all the theory test exams on the same day. It makes sense to try and get them all over and done with in one day rather than going back and forth.

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Driver CPC. (J.A.U.P.T.)

The new qualification within the transport industry. Whether you are a new or existing Driver, Driver CPC affects you. This European Directive (EU 2003/59) requires all Professional Drivers (over 3.5 tonnes) to undergo approved driver training. All training companies listed on can give you sound advice and training. You can also find out more information about JAUPT (The Joint Approvals Unit for Periodic Training). the organisation responsible for approving and auditing companies who choose deliver Periodic Driver CPC training

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Contact DVLA

The DLVA (Driver Vehicle Licensing Agency) is the government agency responsible for issuing UK driving licence’s. This includes the issuing of ADR and Driver CPC licences. When applying for provisional C1 or C do not forget you must send the DVLA the D4 (medical form), D2 (provisional licence application) and both parts of your UK licence.

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PDA (Professional Driver Association)

The UK Professional Drivers Association (PDA) has established a charity specifically aimed at HGV drivers; the Professional Drivers Foundation. The PDA is a stepping stone for a Drivers Professional Development and provides a foot on the ladder to a career in the Transport Industry

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Check Driver CPC Hours

Drivers can now go online and che+ck the status of their Driver CPC training. Although drivers are issued with a certificate for every 7 hours Driver CPC training they complete this online checking system helps to verify that the training provider has indeed uploaded the driver details onto the R and E (Recording and Evidence) system.

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